Colville City Council Meeting for November 8




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At the November 8 Colville City Council meeting the roll call showed all members were present, Brandon Hatch and Chris Loggers were present via Zoom, while Kevin Fryer, Thomas Carpenter, Robin Kurwoski, Ben Neilsen, Dick Nichols, and Mayor Jack Smith were present in person. The first order of business was approval of payroll checks in the total of $ 305,481.47, EFT debits and internal checks totaling $ 14,807.37, and claims checks totaling $ 412, 483.36. In the public comment portion of the meeting attendee Fred Todd asked the council if there was any updates regarding the neighborhood mixed use ordinance and Mayor Smith stated that at the Planning Commission meeting on November 7, the draft ordinance was approved and the next step fo the Planning Commission is to bring it to the City Council for final approval. The council then opened the public hearing to fix the annual property tax levy for the City of Colville for the fiscal year of 2023. There were no public comments so the council moved on to a vote for Ordinance No. 1691 N. S. which asks for a 1% increase and fixes the City of Colville’s annual property tax levy for 2023. The ordinance passed. Next the council opened the preliminary public hearing for the 2023- 2024 Proposed Biennial Budget, there were no public comments so the meeting was closed. The bid for PM- 10 winter maintenance sand was awarded to Interstate Concrete & Asphalt Company in the amount of $ 14,705, plus a hauling fee of up to $ 22, 297.95, but Public Works Director Rob Henry said he expects the city will do its own hauling. The bid for 2023 deicer and dust control was awarded to Custom Salt Solutions LLC of Spokane to provide the backup supply of liquid calcium chloride to the City of Colville for deicer and dust control. The contract is in the amount of $ 87,801.60. Final approval for the Colville Airport crack seal, seal coating, and striping project was made, and the final payment in the $ 296,373.44 project will be released upon completion of the Department of Labor and Industries requirements. With the completion of the TEDRA action the Draper Building was declared surplus by the city in Resolution No. 12- 22 and will be placed up for sale. The building was left to the City of Colville in 1949 by the Draper family. The fee charts for the library, swimming pool, recreation, and parks departments were reviewed by the council and several adjustments were made. Parks & Recreation Director Jillian Marshall will rework the fee schedules and bring back to the council at a later date for review and possible approval. A motion to appoint Nancy Foll to the Civil Service Commission was made, and supported by councilmember Nichols and Mayor Smith who felt she would work well on the commission, but councilmember Kurowski was opposed due to Ms. Foll’s long history of being involved with city politics. The motion failed with councilmembers Fryer, Carpenter, Kulowski, and Nielsen voting against. Bill Pifer was re- appointed to the Library Board of Trustees, while Avrum Baum was re- appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission. Monthly reports made by City of Colville department heads, public works director Rob Henry stated that he hopes to start the leaf pickup this week. Parks and Recreation Director Jillian Marshall stated that girls’ basketball is underway, that they are preparing for Santa’s helpers and boys’ basketball. Marshall stated that the training and building of the rec desk site has begun, and that they are working on the 2023 event calendar. Marshall also stated that parks and the swimming pool are now winterized, and that Parks & Recreation will be losing a vehicle due to an accident, and they expect the vehicle to be totaled. She stated that the recreation and conservation office (RCO) planning grant application is due on Monday. Councilmember Carpenter stated that the electric vehicle charging stations grants open next week. He stated that once the grant is available, the committee will begin working on the application. Councilmember Carpenter stated that the HUB Senior Center hosted the after- hours for the Chamber of Commerce, and it was well attended. He stated that this Thursday the HUB Senior Center is hosting a Veterans Day lunch. Mayor Smith stated that the city completed the purchase of the house at 139 N. Elm Street, and it closes on November 30, 2022. Mayor Smtih stated that the homeless space transition went well, and stated that the school resource officer (SRO) proposal is on hold. As there was no further business to come before the council, councilmember Nichols moved and councilmember Fryer seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting.