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When Tim Gray was Auditor and We the People wanted to be poll watchers, we simply walked into the Ambulance Shack and were free to walk throughout the building and, to a limited extent, ask questions. In 2022, we were told we had to take a “class” before watching the count. The class taught us nothing, but told us there is “No election fraud in Washington”!! That was “news” to many of us who had heard Washington state was # 1 or # 2 nationwide, in election fraud in 2020, largely due to exclusive mail- in voting and hordes of drop boxes placed all over the State. On November 4, 2022, I had to “sign in”, give a political preference, stay behind a yellow tape inside a 4’ space, 6’ apart, watching envelope sorters who worked 40’ away and 18’ from a signature checker. No talking or questions were allowed, and no audience participation ( with signature verifiers) was allowed as they were in the years prior. The whole thing was a joke. “Why are we poll watchers so restricted?”, I asked. And the answer: “Because Lori Larson said so.” It is time for a different auditor - one who cares more about the people of Stevens County than about pleasing the Democrat bureaucrats in Olympia. Connie LaRue It would appear the parents of Central Valley school district childen (and others in a similar situation) have lost. In a Spokesman Review article an associate superintendent said, “A common misconception is that the district’s policy restricts teachers and school staff from disclosing the gender identity that a child uses at school to their parents.” Then, in a contradiction, he said, “If a student requests that their parents not be told the school will respect that, …. But students are encouraged to involve their parents….” You mean the parents, who have raised the child as a biological male or female are entitled to know of the child’s decision to use a different identity at school only if the child agrees to the encouragement? Many thought when the schools took over the education of our children it would be a mistake. Now many realize how much of a mistake was made as our children are not taught subjects to an adequate level that will help them as adults. However, I am certain they never saw this situation developing. What right does the school have to interfere in the raising of any parent’s children? If it is state law then something must be done by parents who are willing to get up off their couches and tell their legislators in no uncertain terms they are still the parents. If parents insist on inaction and let the schools do this to your children, you have no one to blame other than yourselves. Don Brockett Spokane Letter of Thanks to Stevens County I’d like to thank Stevens County voters for the opportunity to continue serving you in the position of County Commissioner for District # 2. I am humbled and honored by the results of his election. Working full- time while campaigning over the summer was a challenging, rewarding and energizing experience. I am very thankful for the encouragement from so many people I met on the campaign trail! Your support made it easy to conduct a positive campaign. Interacting directly with people has been the highlight of the campaign. I knocked on many doors, attended parades, fairs, and many other events. The reception I received and the discussions that followed are a reminder of how very blessed we are to live in Stevens County. So many citizens I contacted shared their love of God & amp; Country, family, and our beautiful County. The many conversations, prayers, and laughter continue to be an inspiration that reinforce my commitment to diligently serve you. I’d also like to thank my wife and best friend, LaVonne, and so many neighbors and fellow Stevens County citizens for standing up and getting involved in my election. I am so thankful for the hundreds of individuals who publicly endorsed my candidacy. I am thankful for the people who volunteered their time to work on the campaign, help with parades and other events, people who allowed me to place a sign on their property. I am thankful for the generosity of people willing to provide financial support that allowed our campaign to be successful. Most of the contributions to my campaign were made by individuals and the remainder predominantly came from local organizations and small businesses. This truly was a grass roots campaign with enthusiastic support from positive people from all walks of life. Moving forward, I am fully committed to working for the best interests of Stevens County and serving you with dedication and integrity. I am here to serve all of the citizens in this county so please be willing to share your issues and concerns with me. If you are so inclined, I’d ask that you pray for all of us in county government that we’ll have the wisdom, insight, and courage to always do the right thing in the future. With much appreciation Thank you Mark Burrows Stevens County Commissioner District # 2